General Educational Development (GED) Testing Program

The GED test was originally developed by the United States War Department in the 1940s. In 1966, the GED testing program was moved to the State Department of Education and on July 1, 1999, the administration of the program transferred to the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development in response to the passage of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The statutory authority for the GED testing program is found at Alaska State Statutes 44.31.020.

Beginning in January, 2014, all GED tests are computer-based and are given in Pearson VUE testing centers. People wishing to take the GED tests should register at At the bottom of the home page at under the category of “Take Action” is a link which will allow for locating Alaskan test centers.

Minimum Age:
Applicants who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and have not received a high school diploma, or high school equivalency certificate may test. Before testing is allowed, applicants who are sixteen or seventeen (16-17) years of age must present a withdrawal slip from the last school attended in Alaska. Applicants must also submit legal emancipation documentation or written permission from a parent or guardian to take the tests. Documentation is to be presented to the ABE Regional Program nearest to applicant’s residence. Please see list to the right under Quick Links for the ABE Directory.

Examinees must be physically present in the state to test. A resident of the State of Alaska who is temporarily residing out of the state may receive a diploma after submitting, to the Alaska State GED Office, a transcript issued by GED Testing Service, the armed forces, a federal Veteran’s Administration (VA) Hospital, or a federal correctional institution.

Requirements for re-testing:
If a GED examinee fails a test, they may re-test on any of the four individual GED tests: Reasoning Through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science. After the examinee’s initial testing attempt, the examinee may re-test up to two times on the content area with no wait time between re-tests. For attempts after the third testing attempt, each re-test must be preceded by a 60-day waiting period.

Requirements for issuance of diploma:
Minimum test scores for the 2014 GED Test Series: A standard score of 145 on each of the four tests.

Official transcripts:
Test scores are accepted as official only when reported directly by:

  1. The GED Testing Service
  2. State of Alaska GED program office
  3. Diploma Sender

Issuance of diploma:
The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD) will issue the transcript and diploma upon completion of GED testing.

Issuance of duplicate transcripts and/or diploma:
The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development will issue a duplicate transcript to the GED examinee for no charge when requested by the examinee directly to the State GED program office.

All other transcript requests will be completed at GED examinees may also, for a fee, request a duplicate transcript at

Duplicate diplomas are available to the GED graduate for $10 when requested at the state GED Program office.


  1. GEDTS establishes the cost to the examinee to take the test. Information available at
  2. Issuance of diploma: No fee for initial diploma.
  3. Re-issuance of diploma: $10
  4. Duplicate Transcript: No fee for examinee requesting transcript directly from the state GED program office.
  5. Duplicate Transcript: Parties other than the examinee must request the transcripts from
  6. For a fee, GED examinees may also request duplicate transcripts from



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