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On-the-Job Training - Employer information

On the Job Training (OJT) gives employers the opportunity to tap into a pool of workers who are good candidates for a job but may need additional training to be qualified. Funding for OJTs comes from various programs that help job seekers become qualified for the marketplace. Employers benefit in many ways:

  • Employers make all the hiring decisions and tailor the training.
  • A portion of the employee’s wage is reimbursed by the participating agency.
  • The employer has the opportunity to train employees to meet their business needs.
  • OJT hires are more loyal to employers that give them good job opportunities through this training option.
  • Employers also save on recruiting, screening, and new employee training costs.

OJT is provided for occupations with an established hourly wage. Training length is negotiable and there is no cost for OJT services.

If an appropriate candidate is available, an agency representative will contact you and an interview will be arranged with the candidate. If you determine you would like to work with the candidate, you will be asked to enter into an OJT Agreement with the assistance of the agency representative.

For additional information, please view the OJT Employer Brochure or contact your nearest job center.